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  • I have not been to a meeting recently my schedule has not been kind. I have made progress on my robot chassis though. The frame is pretty much complete. Hidden in there is a motor driver board based on the L293D chip. The pictures don't show but the…
  • Google glasses amped up! It would be great to have these integrated into your prescription glasses.
  • No worries, I was busy Friday so I was going to come on Thursday. I totally understand that things happen. I wasn't sure if I missed an email about the space being closed. See you next week.
  • It looks great! I have an old iMac G4 that needs an overhaul. Upcoming project will be to clean it out and install a Raspberry Pi B+2.
  • Good call Rob on going to the hobby shop for the 4-40 threaded rod. They have 12" lengths of several small size threaded rods. Thanks
  • The weather sure turned out nice. Feeling a bit ill from all the chocolate. :)
  • Awesome costume! We made a big Steve head for Ryan last year. My wife has put a lot of work into the kids costumes this year I will try to post some pictures.
  • Hi everyone,  I'm Darren I have been coming to the group for awhile now. I am mostly coming to the Friday night group due to family scheduling. I have been working on learning Arduino and I plan to get started in Raspberry Pi. I have been asked to p…