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  • Hmm, ya i know i have been kinda missing lately from here aswell Nice to hear from you Richard, I will not be at the space tonight my dads taking me out for a birthday dinner, and as Jason stated the kits are still very much for sale, David at the s…
  • Im going to discuss some of the essential math involved in the Kossel here,  these values  are absolutely integral to setting up a kossel, they are how the machine dictates its size and pathing for effector movement#define DELTA_DIAGONAL_ROD 214.0…
    in Maker Kossel Comment by Rob July 2015
  • wells industrial can usually get some intresting screw sizes..... they are in the same parking lot as SMI at the end closest to canadian tire
  • Thats awesome, i have a feeling a clock thread would be intresting but could get dangerous.
  • a video i found on mold casting. wonder if the principles work the same with roto casting.
    in Rotocaster Comment by Rob December 2014
  • we could also rather then use a regular pen put a PCB marker on it and use it for PCB boards..the possibilities
  • you do not require a license to fly, but do require maac to fly at a club field, you can fly in small parks with no problem, as long as you use common sense and dont fly when the park is busy.
    in Airplanes Comment by Rob November 2014
  • Ian ive printed your motor mount and gears \o/ fixed my printer again.
    in Rotocaster Comment by Rob November 2014
  • did a bit of reading, it uses photo senstive clad PCB not enough power to burn through paint.... also the current frame designhas vibration issues and lash back problems, after looking at how the parts go together, frame needs a rethink, i dont thi…
  • so ive been printing the gears at 100 micron WOW do they look nice..2 wall 40% infil gunna be tough...
    in Rotocaster Comment by Rob October 2014
  • The parts are printing they will be at the makerspace on thursday..... if your going to motorize it you will need a gear reduction motor...... and a adapter.
    in Rotocaster Comment by Rob October 2014
  • Awsome jensen i have another computer for the drafting stuff that needs a basic PCI-e graphics card, that would do well as a secondary draft computer/slave. sadly i gave away my spare card, anyone got a spare they want to donate?
    in Classes Comment by Rob October 2014
  • yep.... need to work out a scheduled i would be more then happy to do a class on the basics about doing foam board air frames and control systems.  these fighter airframes are for medium to intermediate pilots, but can serve well as trainers there …
  • Hello My name is Rob, I am number 5, or something like that.  My background comes from model cars, and model aircraft. I do 3d printing and am working on the spaces printer for people to use. I scratch build quad copters and airplanes, so if your in…