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  • And here we are! More parts arrived so I figured I'd have to put them to use. The rotocaster is assembled, just a few more bits and pieces to take care of and we can start casting stuff! And Rob, I need either of the Motor Pulleys listed on the webs…
  • Yep, I've followed the recommendations in the article and ordered the motor and belt that's mentioned. So on to the next question - does anyone know anything about working with nitrile rubber?
  • Jason, you have a vacuum table? I've only been contemplating putting one of those together for oh, I don't know, years? And Cole, if Rob doesn't have time to print the parts I need I'll gladly take you up on that offer!
  • Here we go! A few hours worth of measuring, cutting, etc. and I have the basic bits mocked up! Nothing's fixed together, I need to get the bottoming bit to make the recessed cuts to hold the bearings, as well as the bearings themselves. Need to go b…
  • Hey, I'm Ian, I don't know what number I am. I'm usually out to the space on Fridays, but I'm looking at hosting a Saturday hack in the near future. I'm currently employed in my field as an aircraft mechanic, so I can do a bit of everything. I'm int…