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Our first class is being offered starting Friday October the 10th. 


The class starts at 7:30pm and goes till 9:00pm.  I'm there till the space closes so if you want to continue later I'm available.

There will be room in the class for 6 students, so please pre-register on the meetup page so I know who's coming.  Please bring a laptop, if you do not have a computer we have 2 available loaners so please let me know in advance as that may limit the number of students coming.

I will be teaching the basics of 2 dimensional cad drafting using DraftSight, it's a cad package offered for free by Dassault (the people who made Solidworks) and is equivalent to Autodesk's Autocad LT.  If you have a copy of Autocad (any version) feel free to use that (I won't ask how you got it).  Or please download a copy of DraftSight from the Dassault website

Please be sure to have either Autocad or Draftsite downloaded and installed prior to the start of the course as I'd like to start teaching the good stuff as soon as we get there.  If you are having problems with the download or install please meet at the space at 7:00 and I can give you a hand.

The other thing you will want to bring with you is a mouse (Cad drafting on a touchpad is crippling) and a notebook with a pen as you WILL WANT TO TAKE NOTES.  I'll hand out material, but there are a lot of shortcuts and quick ways of doing things that you will want to jot down so that you can remember them in the future.


  • So the class is full, it filled up really quick which I guess means I might have to plan for more room in the future.  Anyway, this is my first class ever so I will be seeing what works, and if I can handle 7 this time then I will see what I can do for the future.  If anyone else wants to go please let me know because I could do a second night of the week.
  • Getting ready for next Friday, our last class was more lecture than lab so this time I'm going to assist as people draft something. You can either bring an object or a schematic to draw, or I can supply you with an item to draw.

    Also, our next lab is in the works. We're going to do a combination of circuit building, Arduino and programming of the Arduino. There will be 4 spots available and I'm guessing this one will also fill up fast. The class will start the first week of November.
  • Awsome jensen i have another computer for the drafting stuff that needs a basic PCI-e graphics card, that would do well as a secondary draft computer/slave. sadly i gave away my spare card, anyone got a spare they want to donate?
  • Mel's class "Basic electronics and Arduino plus some soldering" is this Friday.  There is one space left, if you want to attend leave a note on the Meetup page here!
  • Halloween is over, I'm glad cause I need my weekly geek-fix.  Mel's class is starting round 2, see ya there!
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