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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say "Hello" - I hope to meet everyone at one of the up and coming meetings on a Friday night as soon as my cold clears and I am no longer a mucus factory ;)

Also, i've been looking at the 3D delta printer being sold by the group, and am keen on starting in on the hobby, I assume the kit is still "for sale"?

Chat soon,



  • Nice to see that there are people that do login - but I assume that given the lack of a reply, that the kit may no longer be available?
  • Actually, it's a sign that our forum is REALLY underutilized!  We usually communicate via e-mail and on the meetup board.  We're trying to transition away from Meetup but it's like a warm comfy sweater and nobody seems to want to get out of it!

    I encourage you to come out to the space, we're open Thursday and Friday nights from 7 till whenever people want to lock the doors.  I'm currently surrounded by 3 Kossel kits at varying levels of completeness.
  • Hmm, ya i know i have been kinda missing lately from here aswell Nice to hear from you Richard, I will not be at the space tonight my dads taking me out for a birthday dinner, and as Jason stated the kits are still very much for sale, David at the space is the man with the plan for the printers and I usually act as tech support. Mel is also very helpful in the witchcraft called arduinos and has taken up a really good liking to the delta.
  • Great! Looking forward to coming down and saying hello to the gang!
    Thanks for the reply Rob, and happy belated birthday!
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