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Fletch's Kossel Build

edited August 2015 in Projects
Step 1 - mounting motors achieved after acquiring longish hex key.

Step 2 - Assembly of lower frame.  I think I'm going to have a problem assembling the frame without getting longer screws. 
EDIT: David straighten me out. You use M5 screws for lower frame not M3 (I was going off old instuctables plans). The M5's are about a mm longer.


  • I'll see if I can get Rob, Mel and David on this thread.
  • Before I get too far into this - which way do the pulleys go on the motor shafts? My reference says teeth at inside motor end, collar and set screw on outside.
    Are there close up reference pictures of the working model? I can only find wide shots and your post about the linear bearings.
  • Check out our wiki for better photographs of our build.  Sorry if answers come slow right now, the power is out all over Langley, I'm in a coffee shop right now.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure most of our members are in the same blackout boat!
  • edited October 2015
    Most of the physical assemble complete. I ran into a few issues with the sizing of the parts specifically the end stops. These were know issues back in July -

    I'm now into the wiring and prep to get it going. 
    Re: # of jumper on motor controllers - Blomker plans say all 3, FVM say just one jumper, "Jeremy's Build" shows all 3 jumpered. Which is it?
    Also is attached wiring plan accurate for our version?

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