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Money talk

At the AGM we had discussed creating a thread to discuss our monthly income and expenses.  We currently have 5 monthly paying board members, and MG have offered to give us some money each month as well.  But with our rent situation we'll of course need a bit more than this.  Our printer sales are really helping out, and we're working on ways to make the kitting a bit easier.  As well, David will be bringing in some more items that we can add to our store.  But I think we need to really put our heads together and work on some things to offer at the space in the way of paying classes that "encourage" members to purchase kits, ie: quadcopter build class, foam aircraft design and build class, MAME cabinet build class, etc...

I'm going to develop an arcade cabinet kit, and I'll get David to source components in Shenzen for the cabinet, we could even stock a few raspi 2's if people don't have their own or a PC to go into the cabinet.  I'm assuming Rob could put together a course or two for the Quad, and the planes, but we could use some more ideas for both courses AND sources of revenue.

We could use help with finding grants and applying for them.  I have a short list, but it'd be nice if everyone could do a bit of searching.  We definitely need to apply for the Langley Township grant.

Also, we should approach several of the local businesses that have a direct connection to the Maker movement.  I've written a letter to Princess auto as they have a location in Langley, we've purchased a whole lot of tools from them, and in the past they have supported Makerspaces in Winnipeg.

So?  Any other ideas?
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