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I'm going "All In" - Kossel Kit on Order.

After several discussions with David, Jason, and others at FVM I have purchases the Kossel kit. I look forward to getting started.

Please let me know when I can pick-up the goods!



  • We just sold a kit that I'm dropping off on Monday, but Rob's printing new bases as I write this.  We should have those ready in a couple of days, we can assemble a full kit Thursday.
  • Awesome! I'll come out Thursday or Friday for pick-up then.
  • Kit Picked up Friday. Thanks to Jason (get better!) Dave and Rob.
    It looks like most of it is there except the linear bearing, pulleys, belts.
    I'll do a detailed inventory later today

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  • Glad you got your kit, I'm all better now (and a few pounds lighter!!!!  sheesh!)
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