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Cosplay, Conventions, and FUN!

So upcoming events in Vancouver 

Time Travellers Bazaar - steam punk victorian typee event - April 12th
Northwest Fan Fest - anime and video games  May 29-31
Anime Evolution - anime japanese culture - July 17-19
Anime Revolution - Anime - Aug 14-16

Anyone planning to go to any of them? I am definatly hitting up AR not 100% on AE but might go.
More importantly whos dressing up ? Ive got 1 costume pretty much on lock down time for number 2 to finish.


  • Ian and Islay need to be on the forum more often, I'm assuming they'd be going to a bunch of those.

    I'm old and don't get the kid's these days, therefore I am not going.

    What the hell is a Pokemon anyway?  I'm confused, get off my lawn!
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