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Cleanup the space!

Hello fellow makers!

Our space is really coming along great, and everybody involved on the board is super stoked about all the new interesting members showing up!  What we're experiencing though is an increase in garbage at the space.  Our biggest concern right now is food containers and such.  We're going to purchase a few large garbage cans so there's more capacity BUT, we still need someone (or preferably, some people) to handle the logistics.  We've got recycling and garbage to deal with, plus the usual cleaning (wiping the tables down, sweeping, vacuuming and everybody's favorite, cleaning the bathroom).  The Makerspace is not a business, this is a do-ocracy and we rely on our members to build and maintain things.  So we're going to put up sign up sheets and create a cleaning schedule so that we can try to maintain a routine and distribute the cleaning duties amongst a group.

Please sign up!  Be a hero!


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