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Makerspace Tools!

As a community,  the Fraser Valley makerspace has been growing by leaps and bounds. Just a few short months ago, the space was a handful of friends and an idea. We now have an address, a name, dozens of amazing regulars, and defined, achievable goals. Unfortunately, what we lack in many cases is tools and equipment. That is what this thread is about - what pieces you'd like to see come available for use at the space - because all the knowledge we can offer is next to useless if it can't be applied. 

At the moment we already have some tools to note: numerous solder stations and consumables, an etching tank, a basic mill, a small wood lathe, planer, scroll saw and band saw, a bejesus big sewing machine, and basic hand tools. This is the point where you can have a say in what direction we head next - what tools would YOU like to see in the space in the  coming weeks? Keep in mind however, there are a few restrictions with this:

-The building itself and it's infrastructure are quite dated, so oversized or power hungry equipment may not be feasible
-We are still in our infancy, so we can't exactly afford that fancy CNC mill that's on the front page of the latest tool flyer
-We have to cater to everyone's needs and wants, if you're the only person who's going to use it then it may not be in the best interest of the space as a whole

With that in mind, post a reply in this thread about what you'd like to play with in the future! See you next week! 
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