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The Fraser Valley Makerspace was invited to the 2014 GETI fest. The GETI fest is the Golden Ears Transition Initiative, a group that's looking to find local solutions for global problems (peak oil, food security, climate change). It was a nice sunny day, and Rob and I had a tent and a table. The people at the event were really nice, and I think we had one of the busier tables. We had Rob's 3D printer producing parts for our new space Delta printer. I was soldering together some parts and trying not to eat too much (there was a lot of food there). Justin dropped by in the afternoon and was distributing cards using his RC crawler.

Photo's coming as soon as I figure out how to post them!


  • Our sign, thanks Jeff!

    Our tent

    May as well get some parts soldered together while I talk to people!

    Rob hard at work, he's printing a printer!

    It was cool showing people what you could do with just a few bucks worth of foamboard and servos, Rob's budget RC plane was a good substitute for the quad-copter.

    This is the biggest 3D printed item we had available to display, thanks again Jackson for lending us your masterpiece, it blew some minds!
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