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Who would like to go in on a DIY Headphone amp project?

Hi, this is Edwin (the paper dragon head guy) 
As I may have mentioned to a few others here, there is a DIY Headphone amplifier kit project or two I am considering doing. 
It is considered a great entry level electronics/soldering project.
There are group rates for larger orders of the kit.   
Take a look and perhaps we can work out a order: ;
 DISCOUNTS: When you buy 1 > Regular Price: $279.00USD • When you buy 2-9 > Sale Price: $251.10USD • Save: $27.90USD (10%)! • When you buy 10 or more > Sale Price: $237.15USD • Save: $41.85USD (15%)!

I have done quite a bit of research into this amplifier, it is considered one of the best out there, out performing many $2000 units. 

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