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Arduino Sketches with Mel

Mel is teaching another course (yay!). This will be another Arduino course, but it will be primarily creating sketches, so lot's of programming! Similar to the last class Mel taught, the first day of class will involve soldering. Participants will build a circuit using LED's that will be used to test their software later on in the course.

There is room for 4 students, please book early as spaces fill up fast, and please be aware that the course will be 4 weeks in length. Participants should have a basic knowledge of Arduino's, it's recommend that participants know:

- the basic components of an Arduino
- how to upload a program
- have an understanding of Libraries

You don't need to be an expert, but this is not a course for people who have never seen an Arduino before. If you're brand new to the magic of the Arduino and you want to attend the course, please do a little homework ahead of time as Mel will be starting with the assumption attendees have a basic knowledge. If you need help with the basics, the course does not start until January 23rd so you could always come out to the space ahead of that time and some kind stranger could give you a bit of a crash course. (we're open Thursday and Friday evenings)

here's a link to the Meetup to register

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