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motor governor (arduino)

So this is a project I am starting up as i want to build a small mill. Most mills run either cheep DC motors (open loop) or expensive closed loop setups, $600+.
I remember a while back a small kick starter was making a mini mill/ router using a open loop BLDC motor out of a RC airplane i think the motor was a NTM 3226 about a 300 watt motor, This is the motor i would be more be intrested. so general idea is as such;

1. arduino receives motor speed setting
2. arduino sends servo command to standard ESC which in turn powers motor
3. arduino receives from a hal effect sensor on output shaft, reading motor speed, 
4. code adjusts servo command to hold motor at RPM under load, and as load changes.
5. arduino can send error back to mill controller in-case of stalled head, or motor can not keep up to specd speed.

any thoughts or ideas appreciated

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