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Studio Clock

I needed a fairly large clock for the recording studio here so...I reposed one that had a cool neon bulb (LED's are cool, neon is merely trendy)..

It uses a Toasted Circuits Lightuino 5 for control. Slick board.



  • How many different clocks have you made? I remember when you were working on that text clock for your daughter. Perhaps we should start a clock thread?
  • Thats awesome, i have a feeling a clock thread would be intresting but could get dangerous.
  • I've made about a dozen different types or styles of clocks. Each one is sort of unique in it's own way, so while the clock part tells the time, it also does something else. That could be anything from tracking which garbage can goes out on which day, to a clock built into a scrolling message annunciator. I just finished a clock, calendar that uses an SD card as a reminder for various events for the year.

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