Obligatory self introduction thread

Hi, Jason here. This is probably the first thread of the new forum. Usually people start one of these threads and they're handy for people to get to know each other so here we go!

I'm one of the original 5, I'm currently the president, I'm the tall guy with glasses...

My education is in Mechanical Engineering, I took the Manufacturing stream and went through the Btech program in Mechanical Manufacturing. I also took some Industrial design part time, some database programming, and more statistics courses then I thought I'd ever need (not very applicable to making but meh...)

I've had 5 jobs in 15 years, so I've done a lot of stuff. I've built steering gear for ships, worked in labs, built bike parts and spent a lot of time making trucks and cranes.

In my spare time I mainly build stuff, which means all I really do is build stuff and sleep??? yeesh, never really thought about it that way... wow.

I do all sorts of projects, the last year or so I've been doing a lot of woodworking in my spare time. I built an epic fort for my kids in the back yard, I'm restoring a canvas on wood canoe, and I also build tools for making. I'm currently in the middle of making a vacuum former for the space. But my biggest project currently is the space itself! A lot has happened in 5 months, but there's a lot more to come!

So that's me, who's next?


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    I'll chime in. :)

    I'm Mike also one of the original 5. I like writing code and taking long walks off short tangents.

    I've spent the past 15 years building all kinds of web and app stuff. Front end to backend and everywhere in between.

    I'm really interested in creative coding and generative art as well as building stuff although I don't have a lot of experience building things in real life.

    I have a long list of projects, all of which are currently hovering at about the 2% mark. Building my own bluetooth speaker is sorta my current obsession.

    So that's me, who's next?

  • Hello! My name is Tony. I am not yet a member but have been keeping an eye on the group for a bit. I just need to actually get away from work to come and hang out.

    I'm a lifetime tinkerer / builder of everything from race cars to networks,etc. I've spent most of the last 20 years as Prepress / IT / internal project development for the Large Format Digital Printing industry, but am now doing web hosting support and web app development full time.

    I've lived in the Langley area for most of my life, and am only a few minutes away from 5 corners.

    I look forward to coming by to say hello.
  • Hello My name is Rob, I am number 5, or something like that. 

    My background comes from model cars, and model aircraft. I do 3d printing and am working on the spaces printer for people to use. I scratch build quad copters and airplanes, so if your intrested in that realm id be glad to help.
  • Hey, I'm Ian, I don't know what number I am. I'm usually out to the space on Fridays, but I'm looking at hosting a Saturday hack in the near future. I'm currently employed in my field as an aircraft mechanic, so I can do a bit of everything. I'm into hard works - machining, welding, wiring; not so much programming and coding. Look for the guy with the ridiculous moustache.
  • Hi, I'm Christine,

    I'm a librarian who works in Maple Ridge and lives in Langley, and I'm looking at ways to bring digital literacy programming into the library, including using the Raspberry Pi to teach computing thinking to kids, so I'd love to connect with members who are already using this tool.

    I also have done some really rudimentary building projects on my own (furniture building with nothing but will-power and an electric screwdriver), so I'd be interested in connecting with a group where I might be able to improve my knowledge and skills on this front as well.
  • Hi everyone,
      I'm Darren I have been coming to the group for awhile now. I am mostly coming to the Friday night group due to family scheduling. I have been working on learning Arduino and I plan to get started in Raspberry Pi. I have been asked to put on a soldering course since I have a strong background so I will out something together as soon as I can. 

      Thank you to all those who started the group and to everyone that has been coming out to the meetings it has been a lot of fun.


    P.S. Jason, we were talking about getting on the forum and I discovered I was already part of it. Now I just need to contribute.
  • Sweet, next Friday we should sit down with Mel. He was talking about his Arduino/programming class and how he'd like to tie in a test board to that lab. He's designing a circuit board for LED's and switches, the idea being that prior to his lesson we could do a lesson on etching the boards, and then you could do your soldering lesson with those boards!

    Sounds like a slice of fried gold to me!
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm Cole, I have only been out to the space a couple of times now but love how things are coming together and look forward to getting myself in a place that I can reliably make it out to the space every week. I have done lots of building with wood and metal ranging from general carpentry to black smithing, I also have been getting more into electronics and 3d printing in the last couple years. I have done a decent amount of programming in the past but I cannot say that I am proficient in any language at this point.
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