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Our new project board

I'm just finishing off our project board. What it consists of is a large monitor with a wireless keyboard/touchpad controller that is connected to a raspi. I have setup the pi to run in a kiosk mode, where it will display a project management site called Trello. We've created a board on Trello where you can list projects, and change their status. Anyone joined up with the board can modify it at any time, from anywhere. SO, if you need help with something, need a part sourced, want to share a document, whatever, you can upload it from any device and see a live status real time! This is like a whiteboard with a to-do list if it were onboard the starship Enterprise. All we need now is a wall mount for the screen, so if anybody has one they'd like to donate please let us know as it would save us a couple of bucks!

2048 x 1536 - 640K


  • Ta-daaaaaaa!  It's done-ish!  I need a short HDMI cable and to adjust the screen, and I'm waiting on the new wireless controller (using separate wireless keyboard and mouse right now) but you get the idea...
    message board.JPG
    1280 x 960 - 347K
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