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Fusion 360 CAD

Has anybody worked with this CAD program yet? It looks like a fairly nice lightweight program and is free for non-commercial use. Thinking about downloading it later in the week when I am back home.


  • It's Autodesk so it'll probably be awesome (Autodesk is the grand daddy of CAD software companies, they're the creators of Autocad and Inventor). I'd definitely try it for the 30 days, but $30 a month is a bit steep. Have you looked at Freecad before?
  • I actually finally got around to giving it a run and so far it seems pretty user friendly thus far. I have not gotten too far into it and have only really rebuilt my keyfob, nothing too crazy. But I will let you know what comes of it. I already have solidworks as well but it is nice that this program is free for "startups" or students forevermore.
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