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Hey guys im just trying to get a feel for who would want a class on building foamboard airplanes, they are easy fairly cheep and a good way to enter RC aircraft, and alot of fun.

The electronics cost abot 60-70$

this is a run up of the airplanes electronics, you will also need a air controller, this is the more expensive part

Options would be orange T-six (DSM2)                  about 60$
Turnigy 9xr AND a orange DSMX backpack           about 90$
or a DX6 from spektrum (DSMX)                           around 200$

DSM2 is fine for standard use but DSMX is better overall due to its wider channel hopping capability  


  • Do you need a license to fly one of these?  I'd love to build one but I know nothing about RC aircraft.
  • you do not require a license to fly, but do require maac to fly at a club field, you can fly in small parks with no problem, as long as you use common sense and dont fly when the park is busy.
  • That new quad copter of yours is rad btw. Pic's! You need pic's up here!
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