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Help me help the Vancouver Hack Space!

I just found out the Vancouver Hack Space is going to have to move out of the bunker by December 31!  You can read about it here on their forum.  Anyway, they need to find a new location and quick!  SO, I'm talking to all of the business owners I know in the Vancouver area, in particular, people who operate out of or own property near the current VHS location (270 1st ave east).  Location is crucial for the VHS as many of their members don't own or drive cars, they would like to stay near their current location or be somewhere at least close to transit.  If anyone in the Fraser Valley Makerspace has any leads, ideas, contact's, etc.  Please contact myself, or post to the "Termination of Hackspace Tenancy" thread of the Vancouver Hackspace forum.

Thank you!


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