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Laser Based PCB printer

Hey guys i was wondering if anyone would be intrested in building one of these, the files are available, and the results they are getting are not 100% perfect, looks promising for prototyping, maybe even doing a revision of it later on with a through hole drill?

from what ive read they are using a blueray diode, and the blueray drives auto focus, the diode cuts through a layer of paint and can then be imediatly used with etchent, and then cleaning of the paint can be done with aceton, and for a cheep solder mask the board could be place back in and re burned to leave the pads.


  • Why not!
  • did a bit of reading, it uses photo senstive clad PCB not enough power to burn through paint....

    also the current frame designhas vibration issues and lash back problems, after looking at how the parts go together, frame needs a rethink, i dont think it is a true lash back issue looks as they have 1 thin belt moving a entire frame rail that has a stepper motor and its own sliding tray to much weight on a single belt its probabl stretching a small amount when they call for small movements,if any of you have seen the head movement on my ditto, i believe that is the best design, and will be cadding up the frame to have absolute minimum moving mass. PS vibration dampeners on the motors look like a must.
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