Hey folks, I'm putting together the rotocaster featured in Make Magazine's most recent issue as an asset to the space! I bought all the wood and I've ordered all the components, I should see all the bits in a week or two. Rob - have an idea what all needs to get printed? I've decided to motorize it, so in addition to the two toothed pulleys and the bevel gears, I'll actually need the two XL gears printed as well. I'll upload some pictures once I get some wood cut and some frames made!


  • Here we go! A few hours worth of measuring, cutting, etc. and I have the basic bits mocked up! Nothing's fixed together, I need to get the bottoming bit to make the recessed cuts to hold the bearings, as well as the bearings themselves. Need to go back to the hardware store though, the author neglected to mention you need fully threaded bolts, and I bought structural ones... Oh well, once again confirming the old adage that it always takes two trips. Looks like the final dimensions of the frame will accommodate molds up to about 9"x9"x5". Anyone have any ideas for this thing once I have it all together and I've made my brake reservoirs? FVMakers Christmas ornaments maybe with the holidays rapidly approaching?
    2560 x 1536 - 1008K
    2560 x 1536 - 1M
    1536 x 2560 - 1M
  • Nicely done! When you're finished with that I've got a half finished vacuum former that needs some love.
  • Wicked, I look forward to seeing this in action. 
    Let me know if you need anything printed I can print 10"X9"X8"
  • Jason, you have a vacuum table? I've only been contemplating putting one of those together for oh, I don't know, years? And Cole, if Rob doesn't have time to print the parts I need I'll gladly take you up on that offer!
  • The parts are printing they will be at the makerspace on thursday..... if your going to motorize it you will need a gear reduction motor...... and a adapter.
  • Yep, I've followed the recommendations in the article and ordered the motor and belt that's mentioned. So on to the next question - does anyone know anything about working with nitrile rubber?
  • so ive been printing the gears at 100 micron WOW do they look nice..2 wall 40% infil gunna be tough...
  • And here we are! More parts arrived so I figured I'd have to put them to use. The rotocaster is assembled, just a few more bits and pieces to take care of and we can start casting stuff! And Rob, I need either of the Motor Pulleys listed on the website printed twice for the motor to drive it - this one would probably be the easier of the two. 
    2560 x 1536 - 1M
    2560 x 1536 - 1M
    2560 x 1536 - 1021K
    2560 x 1536 - 759K
    2560 x 1536 - 967K
  • Ian ive printed your motor mount and gears \o/ fixed my printer again.
  • MrE, are you bringing it out Friday night?
  • Cool.  I read that article and thought I wanted one.  Now I can use the one at the space.
  • I need to dust off the half completed vacuum former, that'd be handy to have working too...
  • Let me know if you need a hand with the vacuum former as I have been looking at making one for a while now and would like to give it a go.
  • I've got the plate with all the pinholes drilled and assembled but that's about it.  It's an odd size though and I'm kinda giving it second thoughts, It needs the heater and the frame for holding the plastic sheet.
  • a video i found on mold casting. wonder if the principles work the same with roto casting.
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