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My mind has just been blown...

I'm going to make a thread on this, I stumble across new technologies from time to time and I have a bit of a geek-meltdown. I'll start with this one I found today.

How would you like a battery that charged to 70% capacity in 2min, and lasted for 20 years? If the energy density is half descent, this could really help with the development of electric vehicles, exosuits for the disabled, and an iPhone that works for more than a year.


  • Cheap stuff being sold even cheaper!  w00t!

    I love the age we live in. Not because of the technology that is available, no, most of the things we play around with actually aren't that new or revolutionary.  The reason I love the age we live in is because that technology is now affordable!

    Everybody knows about e-bay, most people have shopped deal extreme, and ever since the IPO it's hard not to have visited AliExpress.  But have you visited Dirty Cheap Dirty Boards before?

    They've been covered a couple of times on Hackaday so if you're already in the know you can probably skip this.

    Dirty started as a bit of an insider joke at Dangerous Prototypes.  Some people were complaining about the quality of silk screen on a PCB supplied by some vendor in Shenzhen, the Ex-pat's that live there and organize the site created a website, it hit a couple of Hack/Maker blogs and BOOM, an actual company is born.

    What's really cool is that they make PCB's for really low prices.  What's even cooler is all the other stuff that they say they are capable of or will soon be offering.

    They offer a sourcing service for $16, where they will find up to 3 suppliers for any item that's being produced in China.  The best thing is they will allow you to purchase in small quantities. 

    So what's the big deal?  Well, most sourcing agent's won't deal in small quantities so you have to order from vendors using services like ebay or AliExpress. Although cheap compared to western pricing, these middle men still make some profit themselves.  Dirty claims that savings vary from item to item, but the savings in most cases can be quite substantial.

    They can source electrical components, mechanical components, tools, you name it.

    ALSO, they are planning on offering a harness building service, assembly, packaging, all sorts of stuff!

    I'm going to try finding/ordering some tools with these guys and I'll update the thread with details of my experience.

  • Raspberry Pi B+2 is out! Changes include a quad core processor, a gig of ram, and the ability to run Android or the new Windows 10 (which will be free?). And it's still just $35, Whaaaaaaaat!?!?!
  • It looks great! I have an old iMac G4 that needs an overhaul. Upcoming project will be to clean it out and install a Raspberry Pi B+2.
  • Microsoft Hololens whaaaaat?

    I'm sure with Microsoft's flawless track record this is exactly what wearing a Hololense will be like.

    First question that comes to mind, how do you ctrl+alt+del the thing so you can open task manager and unfreeze your world?
  • Google glasses amped up! It would be great to have these integrated into your prescription glasses.
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