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RC Aircraft F-22 and J-20

This the F-22 that i built out of dollarstore foam board, and budget electronics the plane itself is very solid in flight, and cost about 60$ to build 5$ of that for airframe parts such as nylon hinges and foam board.image

The current plane im working on is a J-20 fighter jet it is a larger airframe with functioning canards, and will have a 70mm EDF unit that i got on the cheep.


  • Gee Rob, it'd sure be cool if you taught a class on how to build those...


  • yep.... need to work out a scheduled i would be more then happy to do a class on the basics about doing foam board air frames and control systems. 

    these fighter airframes are for medium to intermediate pilots, but can serve well as trainers there are also other easier to fly airframes that can be built using the same principles.
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