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Fraser Valley Makerspace Maple Ridge???

I've recently received several e-mails expressing interest in starting up a Makerspace on the north side of the Fraser River, either in Pitt Meadows or Maple Ridge.  Our Langley space is only 6 months old and slowly coming together, and I don't want to spread myself super thin, but if this is something the Ridge-Meadows community wants I think another space would be cool!  I grew up in Pitt Meadows and I know quite a few people there, so if people continue expressing interest and I get some volunteers to help with setting up and running the place, I could start looking for a location and people to help us along.



  • I would be interested in helping out.  Reducing the two hours of driving would increase my involvement (and my project work levels)
  • I'm going to go through our meetup member list and I'll e-mail the members North of the Fraser to see if there's interest.
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